Ancient History Photostory

Ancient History Photostory
Social Studies
6th grade
Time Frame:
One or two class days
After teaching the history content, student groups will create a photostory which depicts the major components (cause and effect) of the five major religions or Ancient civilizations. In addition, this could include topics such as the Chinese philosophies, democracy or the Silk Road.
1)Teacher provides topics and components including minimum number of photos, and narration. Also, teacher should provide digital resources from the internet for the students to use (ie Gale resources)

2) Students work in teams and brainstorm a list of the major highlights that they'd like their photos to depict.

Optional - Consider doing this with a "Top 10" style Moodle Forum.

3) Students may draft on index cards, one highlight per card so that it can be sequenced.

4) Students collect pictures electronically and save them in their picture file. Some examples could include Google images, scanned drawings or photos from books, digital pictures of student art, simple Inspiration flow charts, etc. As students collect their images, they should also collect the URL of each image to give credit.

5) Create Photostory. Make sure to provide a slide giving credit for each image used.
Will the Photostory be images only, images and music, images and narration?

6) Export Photostory as a wmv file and post to wiki

7) Teacher assigns kids to view at least one other group's photostory and then comment on a moodle forum. On a moodle forum, teacher can add comparison questions about different religions or civilizations.
  • Add here
  • Collaboration
  • Multimodal Communication
  • Asynchronous Communication (online discussions in Moodle)
Common assessment on the particular unit or teacher created rubric or teacher created assessment.
  • Digital resources
  • Photostory
The Ancient Mesopotamian Photostory - PhotoStory1.wmv


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