Link to Example of Fair Use Video for Analysis

Copyright Friendly Media

Even though many of these sites encourage use, you MUST still give credit whenever possible!



Creative Commons

Purple Planet Royalty Free Music

All music can be used free of charge for web-based projects e.g. YouTube (see 'Using Our Music' for more info) in exchange for a link to Purple Planet Royalty Site.

National Jukebox

The Library of Congress presents the National Jukebox, which makes historical sound recordings available to the public free of charge.


Royalty Free


Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse, download and share sounds.


You can always use your own photographs, or have students stage photographs.

Creative Commons


Compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research.


FreePhotoBank is a free stock photo site. Feel free to download pictures (up to 2048 pixels, Creative Commons license) but, link back to FreePhotoBank!

EduPic Graphical Resource

A teacher designed free image resource for educators and their students. All images are free for use by educational professional and students without permission.

Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain is a repository for free public domain images.


You have to give credit to the author of the image in order to use it; Sprixi tries to make this easy for you.


Stock images are in the public domain. Give credit.