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Language Arts

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Ideas from Others to Rework:
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Ideas from Others to Rework

Social Studies

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Additional lesson ideas:
Insects: Be Sure to Skype with Barb Pepper when
you're doing your insect kits. She is a fantastic resource.
See for yourself:
Sun Moon and Earth Quiz
CODE=wahw9424Thank you Kara and Leslie.
Ideas from Others to Rework
Tagged "socialstudies", "curriculum", & "elementary"
Develop a Presentation-CDV
Ideas from Others to Rework
iPod Touch - Revolutionary War


Core Democratic Values:
Travel Brochures

Activity Types

  1. !gnite! ... in Kid Terms
  2. Beginning of the Year Interviews
  3. Classroom Rules Lesson Plan
  4. Conference Letter
  5. Conference Goal Setting Form
  6. Effective Ed
  7. Moodle School Rules Connections
  8. News report intro-Paige
  9. About Me Inspiration
  10. Student Introductions- All About Me
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13. Maps - basic outlines
14. Internet Safety Resources
15. QR Codes
  1. Brainstormed List of Activity Types
  2. Engage-O-Meter
  3. "Open Book" Test
  4. Real-Time Research
  5. Small Group Challenge Activities
  6. Think Tank
  7. Top 10 Forum
  8. Treasure Hunt
  9. Using Flash Drives
  10. Fair Use and Copyright for El. Students

Global Competency Skills (Skype)

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