Google Earth Tour

Google Earth Tour
Social Studies, Language Arts
Time Frame:
How long will the activity/lesson/project take?
Students use Google Earth to explore places relevant to their curriculum/literature. In the example below, students also used Google Earth to demonstrate map skills. Students can also explore various historical or significant locations on the earth.
These tasks are specific to a lesson that 3/4 BCS students did to learn about Michigan places, but they could easily be adapted for other places in the world! For sixth grade SS, students can explore historical locations specifically in the Eastern Hemisphere. Also, for older students, much of this can take place in 1-2 class periods.

Day 1
- "Google Lit Trips" Intro
  • go on to Google Earth
  • Add folder -- "Ann & Sara's Places"
  • Fly To...give BCS address (1525 Covington Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI)
  • add placemark to BCS
    click on push-pin icon
  • add name and descriptor of place
  • click OK
  • If placemark does not appear in "Ann & Sara's Places," you have to move it to that folder (from other My Places folder)
  • Save my Places (to their h-drive)
  • Delete the personal folder that they created from Google Earth before they leave class.
  • HW: for next class;
    • bring headphones
    • bring addresses or formal name of "community hot spots"

Day 2+ - Lit Trip
  • Need Headphones
  • Record a Tour - be sure students include the following:
    • use correct cardinal & intermediate directions when describing a location and/or direction of travel
    • identify town, city, state and/or township using proper names
    • identify locations as rural, suburban or urban
    • specific places outlined in ppt
      • Home, school, favorite local business, local place you visit on a regular basis (soccer field, ice arena, ballet studio, etc.), favorite 2 Michigan places, a place they would like to visit, relative in MI...
      • atleast one location in the UP
  • Save a Tour in h-drive
  • E-mail a copy to your partner
  • Post to Moodle

Day 3 - Lit Trip Share & Reflection
  • Post tour from h-drive onto Moodle (kmz file, which opens into Google Earth. Would work best at school)
    • Michigan Tours forum
    • Complete 3-2-1 Reflection prompt with each tour post
  • Assign each partner pair another tour to review & respond to (see
  • Pairs reply to connection prompt in Moodle (see 'Connection' prompt in Moodle Michigan Tours forum)
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • Please include at least one !gnite objective here as well (communication with text and non-text resources, collaboration, higher order thinking skills, problem solving, etc.)
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • What resources will be needed?


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