Clean Up

´╗┐At this point, there are some projects that needed to be finished and finalized and I needed to debrief with my students about some of them. Thus, this month has been mostly "cleaning up" our digital projects and getting them finished. Also, I have contacted a former student who is now living in England. We are in the process of finding a mutually agreed-upon list of topics we'd like to explore together through email, skype, and the wiki.

Here's what we've been doing:
  1. Camp projects have been completed.
  2. Narnia projects have been completed, reflected upon, and assessed by fellow classmates through Moodle. We debriefed about what went well and what snarls we had to unravel.
  3. We're setting up a time for our art teacher, Tony Fink, to come in and teach us about "design" to help us plan our Prezi and Glogster project as part of our biography unit. He calls the lesson "Composition." We'll post a wiki page summarizing these suggestions.
  4. We're corresponding with England to collect mutually agreed-upon topics for discussion.