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Global Warming YouTube
iPad Materials Project

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21st Century Lesson Plan
edudemic & iPads

top 12 Educational YouTube Channels


Learner Profile

Teacher Reflection Tool

iPad Funny Videos


Big Ideas; Essential Questions; & Universal Design for Learning (Begin with the end in mind)

In this Lesson students will come to know that...

To come to know this they will...

I'll know that they know it when...

Technology Integration Questions to Keep in Mind

Does technology allow for something that cannot be achieved otherwise?

In what ways does the technology transform learning?

How does this technology open access to ALL learners?

How will student artifacts be shared? Cloud, Wiki, YouTube, other.

6th Grade R&D
7th Grade R&D
8th Grade R&D

NGSS-Ignite & Learner Profile Lesson Planning
Learner Profile:
Lesson Notes:
In this lesson students will come to know that…
To come to know this they will…
I’ll know they know when…
Tuning Suggestions: