Narrative Story Elements Powerpoint

Narrative Story Elements PowerPoint
Language Arts
Time Frame:
3-4 days
Groups of 3-4 will read a short picture book or story from Houghten Mifflen or from personal library. Students will create a powerpoint presentation that shows the main story elements of their story (Title/author/illustrator, setting, characters, problem/solution) and then a review from the group.
1) Show the Powerpoint (either design or plain one) and go through each slide explaining each story element.
2) Group students into groups or 2-3
3) Give each group a book or story (leveled readers from H.M. are great to use). Each group will read the story and create a powerpoint explaining each story element.
4) Share the powerpoints! You can create a wiki page or post them to another website if you'd like.

Use slide printout to check off that each group has each slide element. You can also use the discussion rubric for group work skills.

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