Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing

For: Any grade and can be done across subject areas

Example: http://wallington.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Alberto+Language+Arts

After students have read the Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing (or any other novel), have them choose a favorite scene. Students will then need to type up a play script with characters, sound effects, etc.. They can type the script up in Word.Students will practice the play aloud several times before recording. Students will then use Audacity to record their play. If they are in groups of 2-3 and have more characters in the play, students can change their voices or change the pitch of the various characters in Audacity. Sound effects and music can be added as well. The Audacity projects can be posted to a Wiki page for other students to listen to and to comment on.

This addresses the play genre, summarizing, fluency, intonation and character. It also involves: Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration.

Copies of Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing

Show an example script explaining sound effects, characters, etc.
Have students listen to a radio play. Emphasize how the actors intonation, sound effects, clarity of speech, etc.affect the delivery
An example one can be found at:http://www.scenarioproductions.com/cbc/STAGE_SERIES/10.htm

Possible Scenes are:
The Yarby's First Visit
The Yarby's Visit 2
Fudge's Birthday
Fudge Tries to Fly
Fudge eats a flower
Fudge eats Dribble

Example Script:

FATHER: Ahhh, you are home. That is good.

PETER:(proudly)Father, we went fishing!

(drops two fish on the table with a thud)

PAUL: Look what we brought home! We can have fish for dinner tonight!
[FATHER picks up the fish and holds it and one slips out)

FATHER: This is very good, boys, but I’m afraid it is not enough to feed us all.
(speaks gently) Boots, come and join us. Let’s all sit down. I have something to talk about.
[The three sons join their FATHER at the table. The chairs squeak of old wood.]

FATHER: [He ruffles the hair of each boy and stands at the center of the table
He is sad.] Boys, the time has come for each of you to leave this home. You must go and
find your fortunes. With winter coming, and the mountain passes about to close
with snow, it is best if you leave soon.
[The boys are surprised. As the boys are speaking these lines, a trumpet
blast is heard from the wings.]........................................