Introducing thick questions

Understanding thick vs. thin questioning
All- (Current focus-reading)
Time Frame:
2-3 class periods to introduce-students will continue questioning throughout the year.
Students will learn the difference between "thick" vs. "thin" questions. The students will apply this knowledge to book club novels by writing thick question about their reading and discussing them in various small group meetings.
1) Introduce the idea of thick verses thin questions. Emphasize that thick questions are those that have more than one possible answer and are not answered by looking "right there" in a text. Give a few examples.
2) Do a whole group read aloud. You may choose to use a picture book or a chapter of a novel that you are currently reading to the class. As you read, ask the kids to write down any questions that they may think of on sticky notes. There questions may be thick or thin at this time.
3)When you are finished reading, post a T-chart on the board but do not label the chart yet.
4) Have the kids share a few questions aloud. Without revealing the labels, stick the notes up on the two sides of the T chart depending on the type of question you feel it is.
5) After a few examples have been given, ask the kids what the questions on each side of the chart have in common. Help the kids determine which side of the chart contains thick questions and which type contains thick questions. Label the sides of the chart appropriately.
6) Have the kids come to the board and post their sticky note questions to the appropriate sides of the chart.
7) Share some of the new posted examples and move any misplaced questions.
8) Use the thick questions the kids came up with to have a whole group discussion about the read aloud book.During and after the discussion, model and point out appropriate discussion structure and rules along with
  • What GLCE's or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
  • Teaching kids to go beyond surface level to go deeper into a text
Differentiated reading groups and disscussion groups. Teacher will meet with each of the different book clubs weekly to



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